Different Kinds of Bookbinding You Can Consider For Your Business' Needs

17 March 2019
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While most people are familiar with bookbinding, they tend to think that these services are only important for publishing houses that focus on school textbooks, non-fiction books and fiction books. But bookbinding is not limited to these types of books. In fact, if your business as any yearly reports, promotional products and other branding supplies, you may find that bookbinding services will be highly beneficial for your company! However, before you can tell how these services fit in with your organisation, you need to know what kinds of binding are available to you. Here is a list of the different kinds of bookbinding that you can consider for your business' needs. 

Case-bound bookbinding

Most commonly referred to as hardcover bookbinding, this is one of the most long-lasting options that you can choose. These rigid covers are incredibly durable, making them ideal for writings that you want to stay pristine for the long term. Case-bound bookbinding uses different materials including leather, heavy paperboard, cloth and so on. The pages inside the book are in sections that have been sewn together and subsequently glued onto the spine of the case bound. Hardcover bookbinding is a perfect option for your business if you have a yearbook that keeps a record of the happenings in your company, information about the staff and so on.

Perfect bookbinding

While this may sound like the best option for your bookbinding needs, but this name is simply in reference to how the pages are cut. Commonly known as soft cover bookbinding, it is much more cost effective as compared to the case bund alternative. Even with a soft cover, the perfect bookbinding provides durability since the card used for the cover will either be coated or laminated. Another benefit that perfect bookbinding will offer your business is cost efficient transportation since these books are not as heavy as their hardcover alternatives are, they are perfect if your business is in the habit of shipping information to shareholders and customers alike. Perfect binding is also a great solution when you are publishing portfolios about your company!

Spiral bookbinding

Also known as wire binding, this kind of bookbinding comprises plastic or metal coils running through punch-holes in the cover and the pages of the book. Although spiral binding does not offer the same professional look as hard or soft cover bookbinding, it does come with several benefits. Since the pages can run through the spirals, there is no need for the binding of the spine and subsequently ruining it. This type of bookbinding is most efficiently used when manufacturing notebooks for your employees or as branded merchandise since they are best for writing purposes.