Three Indispensable Guidelines for Purchasing Shift Report Notebooks

1 March 2021
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If your business operates in shifts, you should plan on investing in acquiring shift report notebooks. These books are crucial communication tools for ensuring continuity in commercial operations. These contain information that is to be passed on between workers. Moreover, they transfer the responsibility for the pertinent tasks and general accountability as one shift ends and another begins. When used correctly, the notebooks will eliminate the wastage of time in catching up on the progress of tasks. Here are central guidelines to keep in mind before acquiring new shift report books.

Think About the Industry

You should think about the field in which your company operates. In simple terms, you must choose books that are designed to match the industry standards imposed for your business. For instance, there is a certain standard that must be upheld for the health profession. This minimises the risk of oversights which can lead to health emergencies. Other critical industries that deal with dangerous tasks like construction and mining might also have unique standards. It is important to consult your notebook provider about specialised industrial needs before purchase. If you are in a general business operation, you can opt for a standard shift book.

Check Section Details

It is advisable to review the sections which are incorporated in the different shift report notebooks before the acquisition. The sections will determine the specific details which can be input by the workers. A more detailed book will promote the easier transfer of responsibilities. Simply speaking, each worker will provide more information if there are more sections. On the other hand, more sections can increase the costs

Naturally, the book should allow for the input of basic information such as the names of different parties, the times and the signatures of the workers in the handover. Also, there should be an area to detail the completed actions and tasks to be completed. Keep in mind that there might be anomalies during some workdays. Therefore, a section for emergencies or out-of-hours work might be in order. If there are special requirements, consult your product vendor.

Plan for Exposure

Finally, you should choose shift report notebooks of exceptional quality. These units should not be susceptible to general damage because they will be used daily by multiple workers. However, they should still have a durable cover with a glossy weather-resistant surface. Also, the notebook should be bound to prevent the loss of pages during daily handling.