3 Reasons to Replace Your Current Printer with an Offset Printer

12 October 2018
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Printing is one of those resource-intensive functions that every workplace wishes they could do away with. The costs that are included in the printing work include the cost of paper, the cost of ink and also the cost of electricity. Paper is the resource that gets depleted most during the printing process. Offset printing, which is also known as duplex printing, allows for printing to be done on both sides of the paper, and simultaneously. Here are three of the best reasons why office managers find it simple to dig deeper in their pockets and get an offset printing press for their needs.

Conserving paper

Normal and busy office environments consume hundreds of reams of photocopy paper every year. This number could practically be cut in half if the papers were to be printed on both sides as opposed to one side. This will cut the cost of paper in half and if you have been looking forward to being the workplace that is going green, you will get the badge for being environmentally conscious.

Saving money

A ream of standard A4 printing paper costs roughly six dollars. When you use this to print and only print on one side, the entire six dollars is spent by the time the ream is over. However, if you could print on both sides, you could get double the amount of content printed at the same cost of printing papers. Remember that when printing is done simultaneously, the printer is also saving power, which means that you will have a smaller power bill to deal with by the end of the month.

Saving time

Everyone knows that the queue to the printer is usually the longest and the most irritating. When conventional printers are being used, you have to wait for one side of the document to finish printing before you can get the other side printed, which consumes time. On the other hand, the offset printer does not need you to keep turning the paper in the printer. The process is pretty simple and quick, which gives employees time to be productive in other ways.

These are the important reasons to think about investing in a double-sided printer. The most crucial part of the process is shopping for a printer brand which is trusted for quality and durability. Note that the volumes of printing done in a busy office need a reliable machine to reduce the number of times that the printer breaks down.