Tips to Designing a Family Restaurant Menu

24 October 2017
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Family dining should always be a fun and memorable experience. For example, the way a menu is designed has a direct impact on the dining experience. Therefore, as an aspiring restaurateur, it is vital to be involved in every step of the menu design process. While you might not know anything about graphics design, your input is just as significant as the designer's. A well-done menu can blow away the minds of your customers and have their mouths watering every time they visit your restaurant. This article provides tips on how to achieve an ultramodern menu for a family restaurant.

One Sheet Menu -- Restaurants commonly use menus of different shapes and sizes. Some menus have a few folds whereas others require clients to skim through them like a book. However, a menu does not have to be this complicated. The more time your customers spend on flipping through the pages or folds of a list, the more likely they are to settle for anything on it. It is a loss to the restaurant mainly if it prepares specials every other day. A one-sheet menu is fuss-free and gives diners an easy time when perusing. Additionally, one-sheet menus are easy and cheap to print and might be used as a tablemat by customers. The best way to achieve such a design is to have the layout of the paper in landscape format then divide it into four equal sections. Eccentric headers and line drawings give the menu a classy feeling without the need for many pictures.

Use Divider for Typographic Designs -- One thing with family restaurants is that even children will go through your menu. As such, typographic designs can be overwhelming to this group. However, you can turn the same designs into something stunning by merely dividing the layout. Dividers such as ribbons, thick grids, or banners help draw attention while at the same time giving the menu a more symmetrical look.

Use Color -- Since your startup family restaurant will not be looking to go ultra-luxe from the word go, brightly colored menus should make your restaurant a fun place to eat. Colors allow you to incorporate several aspects such as Australian colors for national cuisines. However, you want to make sure that texts are bold so that colors can pop out.  Using primary colors on a menu can be a bit overwhelming to the eyes. Sky blues, mustard yellows, or burnt oranges are all colors you can opt for since they are inviting and friendly. 

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