3 Interesting Ways Your Business Can Create Unique Custom Labels

24 October 2017
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The secret to getting more businesses than your competitors is giving your products more visibility. Customers are drawn to attractive items, and this can give you an advantage in the market. As such, the packaging of most products always strives to have unique labels. While coming up with such labels can seem like a simple task, it is quite challenging since clients have already been exposed to thousands of labels. Below are interesting ways that you can use to generate unique custom labels:

Run a custom label competition

This involves giving your clients the opportunity to make labels that appeal to them. Just run a marketing campaign which invites your consumers to form groups and create interesting labels that will be placed on the product. From the submitted entries, ten or twenty of them will be printed on the items on a rotational basis over the course of several months. Since customers interact with numerous brands, you are likely to get very interesting ideas from them. You also get increased sales since the winners will encourage their friends and family members to buy your products to see their designs!

Avoid using design templates that are readily available

Hundreds of people purchase designs from the internet on a daily basis. You might come across an attractive design which is very cheap. Do not buy it. It is embarrassing to print these labels on your products only to find different products with the same designs in the market. If you have to use design templates, you can look at different samples simply to get an idea and then come up with your unique labels.

Make use of advanced technology

Your main goal is to stand out with your custom labels. An alternative approach is to invest in the latest technology to create amazing labels. This is achieved by the use of holograms wherever your items are placed. The technology can make your labels come to life which will attract many potential customers to your stall. The visualizations created by holograms are unique and can also be interactive by incorporating lighting and sounds. Very few companies are using this method, so you have the chance of drawing all the attention with this concept.

Apart from being unique, the custom labels you print should be able to communicate the value created by your brand. Any visual encounter with your clients should be able to have a long-lasting impression on them.