Considerations when doing Digital Printing on Fabrics

7 October 2017
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Digital printing is fast changing and shaping the printing platform. However, there are various issues that have to be considered for the quality of print to stand out. Often, the printer looks forward to giving the clients an awesome look as much as possible. Any mishap has to be avoided if possible. Here are some of the things to look out for when doing digital printing on fabrics:

Avoid Printing over Seams, Pockets, or Zippers

To get the best quality out of digital printing, it is advisable to have it on flat surfaces such as fronts and backs. The fronts and backs of shirts are usually smooth and have the same thickness allowing for perfect print each time. Printing over the seams, pockets or zippers only result in inconsistencies as the sections are thick. When digitally printing over these surfaces, a gap is created as the ink at times do not touch some parts due to ridges.

Understanding the Types of Shirts that Do Not Work Well with Print

When doing the digital printing, it is important that tank tops, V-necks and girls tees are avoided especially for jumbo digital printing. Most of the tank tops are often low cut at the neckline and the sleeves. When not properly handled, printing is likely to result in defects mostly over the seams. For the v-necks, the neckline may cut into the design. Printing the jumbo pallets in most of the girls' tees is a hustle as they are wider than the tees. Sometimes to have a proper print, stretching has to be done. However, stretching has several issues including ripping the shirts, distortion of the image being printed and design cut off either at the bottom or sides of the shirt.

Taking Note of Colours that do not come out well

It is important to note that not all colours come out well during the digital printing. It is therefore advised that testing is done to find out the colours that come out well during the printing process. Due to the intensity of the colour that is used in the printer, some shirts may appear so much bright while others may note. For quality print for the apparel, it is important that fabric colour is considered.

Issues when Printing Hoodies

Of all the garments, digital printing proves to be tiresome on hoodies though they are the bestselling during winter. When printing on double lined hoodies, print just one colour ink and have no under the base. Most of them slide under the printer and attempt to have multiple colours may prove futile. When printing on the pockets on the hoods, they have to be glued down.

With the new technology shaping the print industry, it is important to be cautious to ensure that at all times, the prints remain of great quality and likeable by all.