Practical Guidelines on Preparing the Original Master CD for Replication

3 October 2017
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If you are planning on carrying out a CD replication project, you must ensure that the master is exceptional. Inadequate preparation of the master CD will be reflected in the duplicates. Consequently, the recipients will not enjoy your high-quality material. Ideally, you should engage professional technicians with experience in the field for assistance. If you decide to go on without professional help, you should consider using these guidelines for optimal success.

Choose the Right Master

You should purchase an exceptional CD master for the recording of your material. A poor choice will compromise the writing process, and the duplicated data will not be ideal. You should select a product intended for use as a master, not alternatives for casual use. For instance, using a rewritable CD can cause problems because the original data can be altered. Also, make sure that the disc selected is compatible with standard CD players.

Record the Master with Care

The quality of the master CD will be affected by the practices upheld during the initial recording. In general, you should always record the original content on the medium in one session. Simply speaking, the recording should be a disc-at-once process without interruptions. This practice will eliminate the risk of data inconsistencies and poor quality performance. Remember that the exact nature of the master CD will be reflected in the replicated products. 

Prepare a PQ Sheet

The PQ sheet is a critical document which contains the vital information concerning the CD. The content recorded includes track names and numbers, gaps and pauses. The CD duplication expert will use the data provided on the PQ sheet to confirm the 'identity' of your CD master before proceeding. In general, you can print or save the details on a digital disk directly during the burning process. Numerous burning software products offer a printing option. You can use this feature to save the data as text or print directly.

Handle with Care

Master CDS are sensitive; poor handling can translate into damaged data. You should make sure that after recording the needed material, the product is not exposed to any danger. It is advisable to use a special case for storing the compact disc so that the playing side does not gain unfavourable contact. Also, if you must write on the master, you should use a specialised marker pen to avoid the risk of damage. 

Finally, you should choose an experienced CD replication firm in your region to ensure that all your finished products are exceptional.