3 Tips for Finding Affordable Printing Services

3 October 2017
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Printing accounts for a significant proportion of most companies' marketing and operational costs. For this reason, it is only logical that you would be looking for ways to cut down the cost of printing office documents, business cards, labels, newsletters, and other marketing materials. However, for most people, lower costs come with a compromise. They end up receiving low-quality products for a lower price. You do not have to break the bank to obtain high-quality materials for your marketing campaigns and office use. Here are some tips that you can utilize to find affordable but quality printing services.

Consider Your Printing Needs

The first step to getting the right services is ensuring that you have outlined your printing needs. Do you want customized business cards, packaging labels, banners, newsletters, or professional booklets? Is there a particular style, font, size that you need? Having this in mind will help you narrow down to the best printers and bargain the costs. Also, it will help you save costs in the long run. Having your items printed incorrectly due to vague requirements can cost you hundreds of dollars in reprinting.

Shop Around for Quality

Everyone wants cheap printing services, but this should not come at the expense of quality. Numerous printing companies are available that can offer high-quality products at a reasonably lower price as compared to their competitors. Take the time to shop around for such printers. Remember, since most printed products are used for marketing, they represent your brand. Low-quality flyers, banners, and cards reflect on the capabilities of your business. If you cannot find quality services with your proposed budget, consider injecting more money into the project to achieve excellent results.

Understand Printing Terminologies

Understanding some printing terms can save you a few dollars as you choose the best companies. For example, there are the words "page" and "leaf." The page refers to one side of paper while a leaf is a single sheet of paper. So, when printing office booklets, you may opt to print one side or both sides of the page. In most cases, printing both sides lowers the cost as you end up using less paper than when printing on one side only.

Also, understand the difference between cost per page and per leaf to avoid disagreements with the company. Cost per page is the price of one side of the paper while cost per leaf refers to the price of both sides. So, if you have printed on both sides of the paper, the cost per page will be doubled. Understanding such can save you from getting stuck with an expensive company due to misunderstandings on the price.