Design Labels For Food Containers: 2 Things to Think About

17 December 2018
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The food industry can be incredibly competitive. While it is essential to focus on producing great-tasting food, it is equally important that you focus on the packaging. If the packaging does not appeal to the consumer, they may never pick up your product from the supermarket shelf. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about designing fantastic food packaging.

Think about what you want the packaging to say

You have a limited amount of space on food packaging, so it is vital that you think carefully about what you want the packaging to say to potential customers. Alongside a list of ingredients, it is important that you also include a little blurb which details who the product is aimed at and the benefits of choosing your food product. For example, if your product is aimed at people who don't have much time, you may choose to emphasise how quickly the product can be prepared. If you are aiming at people who are looking for healthy food, you may wish to focus on natural ingredients which are used to produce the product. Whatever you choose to focus on, you should consider what makes your food product different or better than similar products on the market.

Think about the design of the label

The colours and fonts you use on your food labelling are vital. When someone is faced with a large number of products in a busy shop, they have a very small amount of time in which to make a choice. You aim should be to make your product stand out from the crowd. While some food producers attempt to copy the colour scheme and design of popular products in an attempt to piggyback on their success, this can actually work against you in the long run. If your product looks like every other product on the shelf, it will not stand out. Instead, you may wish to build your own distinctive brand, which will allow your growing customer base to identify your product easily. If you are planning to sell more than one type of food product, you should aim to create a range which all have similar designs. By being consistent in your approach to packaging design, you can attempt to build a customer base which recognises and trusts your food.

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